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Signing a Contract

Terms & Conditions

Service details

Adm Cloud ("The Service") is business management software over the internet. By subscribing to the service, the client will obtain access to the platform to allow the recording of their financial information and the generation of analytical reports of their information.

The User and the use of the Tool

The use of Adm Cloud is governed under the conditions set forth herein, with the understanding that the user registered as a user of the solution accepts, by simply using the Adm Cloud system, the provisions of this contract and its Terms and Conditions. These terms and conditions may change without prior notice from Adm Cloud. The user registered as the administrator of the account has the powers to act on behalf of the company that is joining the services and has the power and authority to accept the obligations established in this contract on behalf of the company they represent. Adm Cloud assumes that the user who accepts this agreement of terms and conditions knows in advance whether or not she is able to enter into contracts on behalf of the person or company that joins the service.

About the accounts and the service provided

The Adm Cloud service starts when you register an account on the Adm Cloud website, accepting the conditions expressed in this adhesion contract. The user declares himself aware of the services for which he is paying when using any of the plans offered by Adm Cloud (Described on the informative website). Adm Cloud provides a web accounting software (ERP) service that is accessed through its website or any of the mobile apps published by Adm Cloud. Adm Cloud allows the entry of a limited number of users according to the plan that each account user has chosen at the time of registering their account (Basic, Standard, Premium or Enterprise). User access is individual and one user cannot be shared with another. If you try to log in with the same credentials simultaneously, the system could disconnect one of the accounts. Login credentials for the Adm Cloud platform should not be shared with third parties. Adm Cloud is not responsible for the use of the credentials to enter the platform of each user and they must protect this information to prevent it from being used by third parties. If an incident like this occurs, Adm Cloud is not responsible for the negligent or malicious use of account information. In the same way, Adm Cloud will not be responsible in any case for the errors made by the user when entering or entering their personal information as well as the operation and progress of their business activity nor for the classification they make of it. which will irreparably affect the results produced by the Software.

Information Storage, Confidentiality and Backup

All information registered in Adm Cloud is continuously replicated in multiple virtual servers to avoid loss of information due to breakdowns. Likewise, all the information stored in Adm Cloud is backed up daily with a retention period of 7 days. In the event that a client needs to recover a backup, they may request the same. The backup recovery service has a cost that would be notified by Adm Cloud. Likewise, if a client wants a backup retention period greater than 7 days, they can contract said backup service extended to Adm Cloud. Customers of Adm Cloud business plans have access to the database directly and can take care of backing up all their information directly. Adm Cloud takes the greatest reasonable measures available to protect its client's information, however, due to the inherent risks of technology, Adm Cloud is not responsible if, due to some force majeure event, the information of any company is lost or corrupted. or if it is accessed by unauthorized third parties.

Service Availability Guarantee

Adm Cloud guarantees access to the platform to view the information available there, under normal conditions, however, the user accepts that there are technical circumstances by which this information may become temporarily inaccessible. The service availability promise is 99.5% per month of the contracted time. In the event of any breakdown in the Adm Cloud servers that does not allow access to your information and therefore the service availability time is not reached, Adm Cloud will proceed to credit this time in the client's account and the client may use that credit time at no extra cost.

Intellectual Property and No Sale

Adm Cloud does not sell or assign at the time of contracting the rental service of any of the standard or business versions, the intellectual or operational property on the platform and its customizations. The service constitutes only a temporary access to the client to use the platform.

Internet Service Provider

Adm Cloud guarantees users that the application will be available under normal circumstances, as announced, from anywhere in the world that allows an internet connection, as long as the user remembers the credentials of their account and the conditions of provision of the service of Internet connection by each data provider, allow it. In such a way that, if it cannot be accessed due to the type of connection or the poor service of the aforementioned provider, this does not imply at any time a breach of the provision of the service provided by Adm Cloud or grant the right to credits.

Way to pay

The Adm Cloud payment is anticipated and the user accepts that recurring charges are made according to the chosen plan. In addition, you agree to notify Adm Cloud in the event that you do not want the next payment to be generated before your next payment date. If the client does not make the payment of the service in advance before the payment date, this may lead to the suspension of the service. If the client needs to extract his data, he must use the service time during the contract for these purposes. Adm Cloud offers the means of payment that are outlined on its website. If there are tax obligations of any kind, these will have to be assumed by the user. Adm Cloud is aware that having credit card or bank account information for users is delicate. Therefore, you are committed to keeping this information safe and isolated from misuse. Adm Cloud assumes that the credit card information entered to create an account is known to the account holder, therefore it is not responsible for the inappropriate use of credit cards at the time it is used to register an account. account, understood as irresponsible use, the falsification and impersonation of the identity of the account holder. The user affirms under the gravity of oath, that he is not included in the Clinton List and that his income is not related to any type of illicit acts or money laundering, drug trafficking, terrorism or any other crime and that they are acquired in a lawful manner.

About the Legality of the Information in the Account

Adm Cloud is a Web application, which provides a site where data that the user manages at his own risk and account is hosted. Adm Cloud ensures that users' information is kept safe and takes the necessary precautions in its judgment, but is not responsible for malicious acts of third parties and the consequences of this against the user or against third parties. Adm Cloud informs its users that the information they provide will be hosted on third-party servers, specifically web server providers, which comply with the highest security standards in the international market. Adm Cloud is not responsible for the type of information entered by each user in their account or for the inappropriate results if it was entered improperly in accordance with the accounting and tax parameters applicable to the matter in each case. It is implied that the user, when using the services of Adm Cloud, will make a healthy and legal use of all the tools that are made available to him and this exonerates Adm Cloud from any misuse of his information by any user. , meaning the use of information to evade tax obligations, among others. Adm Cloud will not be obliged to ensure the legality of the content and information that users host in their account through the services provided, however, it may take corrections against illegal information, when it deems it pertinent.

Obligations of the users

The Adm Cloud user declares to be the owner of the information entered in the system and under no circumstances will this information become the property of ADM Cloud. If the user terminates the contract, he must provide for the extraction of his data while it is in force. Adm Cloud is not obliged to deliver it in a specific format or to carry out any type of migration process, much less to carry out a development so that the information can be analyzed, entered or digitized in any other software, since only data is entered, for consultation and processing for the sake of its operation and use.

Privacy Policy

Adm Cloud may collect information from each user for the analysis of statistics and implementation of communication and advertising strategies. These tools will be able to track user settings and make your application experience more practical, recognizing and remembering your preferences and settings. To this extent, Adm Cloud may collect usage data, such as duration of use, or demographic data. In any case, Adm Cloud will not be able to use the specific information of a client to transfer it to third parties or to exploit confidential information.

Account Security

Adm Cloud ensures the security of the password provided by the account holder and users when registering an account with Adm Cloud and guarantees that it will take measures based on best practices so that this password is not seen by third parties, but it cannot assume the responsibility of guaranteeing its confidentiality. On the other hand, Adm Cloud is not responsible for the misuse of the password by the user or for the use of passwords that are easy to crack, assuming that whenever the system is accessed, the user does so directly.

Interruption and Termination of Service

Adm Cloud reserves the right to terminate the service at any time, both permanently and temporarily, for those cases that have default in their payments. Adm Cloud also reserves the right to renew or not the service contract of a client. Adm Cloud may unilaterally terminate a user's account if: • The user uses the services provided by Adm Cloud for purposes contrary to the law, especially those that contravene the intellectual property rights of third parties and over all of Adm Cloud and of other users • The user is using their account to transmit malicious programs such as viruses, malware, spyware, Trojans or similar, which may compromise the proper functioning of the Adm Cloud platform or harm third parties. Adm Cloud reserves the right to decide whether the content published by users, as well as the text or photographic material that is uploaded to the Adm Cloud website, is appropriate and complies with the conditions. In this sense, Adm Cloud may prevent the publication and commercialization of content that infringes image, habeas data and privacy rights of third parties, as well as those that are offensive, defamatory or that constitute infringements of the law.

Suspension of Service

Adm Cloud reserves the right to suspend the provision of services to the USER and to disable their access to the Software, as well as to any of the modules created for THE USER if the attempts to collect the service are unsuccessful, or in case of not receiving payment of the service in the agreed manner. The suspension of the service will be given to the USER with advance notice. In case of suspension, the USER's account will not be reactivated until the payment of all those debts that at that time are in charge of the user have been fully paid. If an account is late in payments for a period equal to or greater than 90 days, the company's data will be deleted without the possibility of being recovered.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

The USER reserves the right to cancel the service at any time and for any reason. Adm Cloud will not issue refunds of any kind for paid services. Adm Cloud will only issue refunds for charges generated to the credit card by mistake of THE COMPANY.

Data Deletion
Once an account is closed, all user data is deleted including usernames, passwords and all other information provided by the user.

Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

This contract is governed by the laws of the Dominican Republic. If any part of this contract is declared void or contrary to the law, then the invalid or unenforceable provision will be deemed to be superseded by a valid and enforceable provision that most closely matches the intent of the original contract and the remainder of the agreement between Adm Cloud and the user will remain in effect. Unless otherwise specified in this document, these Conditions constitute the entire agreement between the USER and Adm Cloud with respect to the Adm Cloud Services and supersede all previous and proposed communications, whether electronic, oral or written, between the user and Adm Cloud with respect to the Adm Cloud Services.

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