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Integrate any software with Adm Cloud to offer a unified experience.

Tools for Software Developers

If you are a software developer, you can take advantage of all the tools that Adm Cloud offers in order to customize your experience and integrate the system with third party systems.

Rest API Web Services

Adm Cloud provides access to a Rest API. With this resource, you can use any modern programming language to read or write information in Adm Cloud.

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Fields and Custom Reports

In addition to creating fields and reports using visual editors, you can also use SQL code directly in Adm Cloud to make complex reports, panels and reminders.


You can integrate JavaScript code within Adm Cloud to customize its behavior. You can block fields, mark fields as required or implement validation logic.

Direct connection to the database

You can have direct connection to the data base in read-only mode and thus read information using SQL or any other mechanism.

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