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Connect any software to Adm Cloud using our


Rest API Documentation

The Adm Cloud Rest API is a series of web services that you can use to interchange data with Adm Cloud. Operations like get a customer list or save an invoice are done easily with the Rest API.

Steps to use the API:

1. Create an integration inside Adm Cloud

Inside Adm Cloud, go to the web service integrations page, create a new integration and take note of the generated ID.

2. Call one of the Api End Points using the programing language of your choice

Look a sample on how to get a customer list. You have to supply the company id, your role and the integration id in the call. Your user id and password is supplied using Basic Authentication. You can also get an authentication token using the /Login/Token and supply that in each call



You will get an object in Json format with the requested information

3. Read the documentation and download the sample code

4. Send us any question

Contact us using the form so we can assist you

Using ADM Cloud API

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