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Partner Program

Generate revenue by joining the Adm Cloud business partners plan.

(Adm Cloud Smart Network)

The partners plan allows various options to consultants interested in joining Adm Cloud.

Types of Partner Plans:

Commercial Partner

This plan allows you to generate income by marketing Adm Cloud to your customers while we take care of all the start-up services.


*Perpetual commissions from suscriptions fees
*Sales support for sales presentations

*Sales Materials (Presentatrions Templates, Charts, Benchmarks)

*Demo Accounts
*Training Library Access

Service Partner

If you are a consultant with experience in ERP software, we help get certified as an ACSN software implementation consultant. You do not need to look for clients. We will refer clients who are interested in your services.


*Project Assignments
*You keep 100% of your Professional Service Revenue
*Adm Cloud Demo Account

*Training on Adm Implementation Methodology

*Project Management Software Licenses

*Training Video Library

*Implementation Support Materials: Presentations, CPS, Documents & Presentation Templates.

*Training Library Access

Smart Partner

Do you want to market the product and also provide start-up services? If you can do both, this plan is for you.


*Both plans benefits

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