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Smart Phone App

Run your business from your mobile phone using the Adm Cloud App

Your business in your hands

Adm Cloud Mobile App offers you a dashboard to view important information of your business in an agile way. Look at your sales, collections, main expenses and the profitability of your company in no time.


Improve Customer Service

You have all the options you need to give the best service to your clients. Check your account statements, issue quotes, opportunities, sales orders, invoices, everything you need.

Your Financial Data, Easy!

Access all the financial data of your business in a simple way. View inventory stocks, accounts receivable, accounts payable or even your financial statements.

Security and Integration

Our App is an integral part of Adm Cloud. All processes are perfectly connected to the Web version including system security. Each user can access only what you have given them permission.

Everything you Need

Your purchases, your sales, your inventories. Everything you need to use is in the Adm Cloud Mobile App.

Man on His Phone

Soon for iPhone!

Enjoy the Android version of the App now. Soon it will also be available for your iOS phones.


But remember that you can always enter the system directly through the web browser.


Our responsive design technology gives you the best experience adapting the system to your device screen.

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